[Strawbale] Plaster and fire safety

Max Vittrup Jensen max at permalot...
Mon Dec 6 21:28:02 CET 2010

Lovely to see the very good answers here from all of you.

On a slight different note, especially in response to Jeff's statement:
> 2.  Plaster increases the fire resistance of bales exponentially.
> Without it you are risking losing your home from something as simple as
> a electrical short.  If the bales are not sealed with plaster they will
> ignite much easier.
As an international networker and builder in a country where SB houses 
are still a novelty (25 family houses in total), I'm very concerned of 
potential for negative media coverage. The worst imaginable I can think 
of is someone dying in a SB house fire. Not only fatal for the ones in 
the fire, but also for the general view of SB building in the country, 
especially by decision makers/permission providers.

With this in mind; Have a look at www.svepomocnastaveni.cz/?p=81 , where 
you'll see a full time occupied un-plastered SB house with wooden 
interior walls, build by owner.  The owner (A self-proclaimed consultant 
and instructor in natural building) refuses to plaster it, and is able 
to inspire many to follow his very cheap and fast example.
Any suggestion what to do about such situation? [Apart from using it as 
a fire test for next ESBG?]


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