[Strawbale] Fwd: Ann Edminster "Live" on The Green Talk Network, Thurs 12/2, 8 am PT/11 am ET

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Thu Dec 2 00:41:03 CET 2010

The "Live" show is on tomorrow, Thurs 12/2, 8 am PT/11 am ET, (as it 
says at the end of the lengthy subject line, over beyond the right edge 
of your computer monitor).  But the website offers "dead" shows via web 
streaming or MP3 download (podcast), for at least a few months after an 
episode airs.  So even if you can't make the specific broadcast time, 
you still have a chance to listen at your convenience.  I don't know 
how quickly they post the podcasts, but it should be up sometime soon. 
In there next few days, look for the "Episode Directory" near the 
bottom of the 1st web page screenful (depending on your resolution), 
and click on the "December 2010" triangle.  Ann Edminster's name is 
already there, but the show isn't yet.


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( Apologies for the cross-posting but what with all of these  %A^$# 
mailing lists , I couldn't think of any way of avoiding it )

For those of you who haven't already been notified, I thought that 
y'all  might be interested in listening to our long-time SB pal, Ann 
Edminster,  on the subject

                                     "Non-tech solutions for Net-Zero 
NOW !  "

on The Green Talk Network..


============== excerpt from HTML blurb ==========

The Green Building Industry is continually planning and hoping for the 
emergence of key technologies to evolve. These green wishes are focused 
on  a vision that this evolution will make them cost effective.
Is the industry as a whole waiting for tech evolution to evolve itself?
What can be done today to blaze a path toward net zero energy homes?

This episode of Green, Better, Best will investigate some design 
principles that you can employ now. Our guest is Ann Edminster; author 
of  ?Energy Free: Homes for a Small Planet? and an expert in Net Zero 
Energy  design.

Join us for this one-hour show where we will hash out some Green, 
Better,  and Best Practices in sustainable

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