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( Apologies for the cross-posting but what with all of these  %A^$#   
mailing lists , I couldn't think of any way of avoiding it )

For those of you who haven't already been notified, I thought that y'all  
might be interested in listening to our long-time SB pal, Ann Edminster,  
on the subject

                                     "Non-tech solutions for Net-Zero NOW !  

on The Green Talk Network..


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The Green Building Industry is continually planning and hoping for the  
emergence of key technologies to evolve. These green wishes are focused on  
a vision that this evolution will make them cost effective.
Is the industry as a whole waiting for tech evolution to evolve itself?
What can be done today to blaze a path toward net zero energy homes?

This episode of Green, Better, Best will investigate some design  
principles that you can employ now. Our guest is Ann Edminster; author of  
“Energy Free: Homes for a Small Planet” and an expert in Net Zero Energy  

Join us for this one-hour show where we will hash out some Green, Better,  
and Best Practices in sustainable home design.
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