[Strawbale] OSB or Not...

Michel Van Mulders michelvanmulders at siol...
Wed Dec 1 22:56:49 CET 2010

Dear Herbert, Tom,

I am very pleased with the thoughts and idea's you shared.

About the plaster thickness, I can see that a sufficient thick layer will give the same thermal advantages for indoor climate.

About the OSB plates, I see also the reason why Herbert is using them...

a) Structural strength;

The system Tom is using; light framing for walls, adapted for strawbale building, combined with traditional framing solves this problem.
(I would really like to get more help here)

b) Air-proof layer inside

This sounds not so good to me. I imagine that the physical working of a plastered strawbale wall is open.
Air should not be stopped to move, but be as free as possible - true the plaster - into the bales and back.
Here, I would think that old fashioned natural ventilation, result of an open fire or cupola would be the best, for walls, comfort and air quality.

Adding layers for plastering , etc.,  to boards, have also a cost to them.

About the costs of timber-framing, the old fashioned way, I am still quiet lucky here.
There are still people who do this here, with normal prizes.

My wish is to build this traditional way, with fresh wood as they did before.

The combination with light framing, as Tom suggested sounds very promising.

I do, of course, also understand the way of working of Herbert, that makes sense if you work for others, and must have a system that is viable without experimenting too much.

Kind regards,


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