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Mon Oct 26 13:57:51 CET 2009

fwiw I agree too. You want a shed to store tools'n'such, build a shed ... shuttering ply/scrap etc or straight from the garden centre.


It'd take (relatively) ages to build one from SB and a shed doesn't need all those SB properties and characteristics.







> I think that I agree. I am a keen SB supporter but probably not in 
> this application.
> Have you considered cob.
> You can stop work at any stage without having to bother about bales 
> getting wet or vandalised.
> There is not the danger of crushing feet and fingers that there is 
> with rammed earth.
> Best of all for your application in an elementary school, it can be 
> un-believably messy....
> Regards
> Patrick
> >
> > There are a number of straw bale sheds built, mostly as demo projects.
> > I would generally recommend against it, except for that purpose.
> >
> > One of the big advantages of SB is the high insulation value.
> > Meaningless in a shed, generally. Same goes for most of the value of
> > thermal mass & hydrophilic plasters, and to some degree air quality. A
> > highly-breathable shed is a very forgiving thing.
> >
> > The interior finish of SB is not so cheap (materially), and (both
> > interior and exterior are) VERY labor intensive. Sheds don't typically
> > have an interior finish.
> >
> > IMO you need large overhangs, and some structure that keeps the SB off
> > the ground: typically 12-18" (I would advocate more in the 18"+ for
> > anything but the dryest climes).
> >
> > If you do the math, and especially if you value your volunteer energy,
> > it's not a great fit. UNLESS: you put a high value on the demo aspect
> > (are you in a good SB environment?), for example, a larger SB project
> > is on the horizon.
> >
> > I can't stress enough how important free labor is to make SB even
> > faintly competitive with almost anything else. Compressed (possibly
> > stabilized) earth blocks made onsite could be another local natural
> > materials approach that could go faster/cheaper, if you can find/build
> > a press.
> >
> > Full disclosure: I work with/around SB quite a bit, and I really love
> > certain aspects, but am weary of it being oversold.
> >
> > Keith
> >
> >
> >> Hello!
> >> I am a teacher at South Hill elementary school. We have a small
> >> organic orchard on site, and I'd love to build a shed for educational
> >> and maintenece materials. I was wondering about the cost/viability of
> >> building a straw bale structure at the school. The district would take
> >> a lot of convincing, I'm betting, but it is worth a try. Is there a
> >> local person I could talk to, or, even better, who would like to help
> >> on such a project?
> >> I'm looking to write a grant to cover the costs and community support is
> >> a must.
> >> Thanks,
> >> Carolyn Belle

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