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Mon Oct 26 14:12:09 CET 2009


Hi all


Built a SB a few years back - with a bit of help from some of the good folks here ... :-)

Psyching myself up for another one and revisiting many of the thoughts/notes compiled last time round. 


I used rammed tyres and railway sleepers as a foundation last time. Recently I had cause to hire a small digger to get a polytunnel project started and I was impressed with the hire rate/work achievable with it. In short I reckon a digger/trench/rubble foundation could well knock the rammed tyre foundation into a cocked hat wrt time. I don't live in an earth-quake zone


Coupled with a compressor/sprayer for mortar application on the walls it seems the 2 main time consumers could be dramatically reduced.


Anyone have experience of rubble and tyres?  Got a comparison?  I presume sleepers could still fit between rubble/stone and straw? Would this be a good insulator?  




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