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Fri Mar 20 20:34:14 CET 2009

Dear Max Vittrup Jensen,

I am nicely surprised about the comments you gave and also Anna's  
later on;
It is of course a concern our children, health etc..
But not everybody builds with straw bales and natural materials for  
the same reason or for the same goals, although some can be  
automatically be a result...
If I build or make something with natural materials the reasons are  
different in priority.
I want a straw bale wall for its isolation of warmth, sound, radiant  
heating for its luxury, clay and it's natural colors for feeling good  
This possibility would be a luxury for me. (and many)
That it is healthy is for me just an extra.
These days many people are in my opinion too much busy with health and  
eco, it became a merchandise for marketing and business.

If one is born unlucky, being "eco" has not much meaning ...
So I try to be thankful and use possibilities with care.

And if my straw bale house would be full of bugs I would try a  
mosquito killer, go for a weekend to stay somewhere or be inventive in  
a sensible way.

We all have our opinions, and wishes,

Good luck to you all,


On 20 mrt 2009, at 12:52, Max Vittrup Jensen wrote:

> Max Vittrup Jensen

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