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Max Vittrup Jensen max at permalot...
Fri Mar 20 12:52:46 CET 2009

Michel, I just wondered if you are aware of the following facts?

1) Human tissue absorb and accumulate a vast amount of toxin; more than 
ever in the past generations,especially as we are on top of an 
increasingly toxin food chain: Despite effort of modern science, issues 
such as allergies and cancer is rapidly escalating.
2) It's been proven that toxins accumulated in grandparents, can be 
identified in grandchildren: i.e. the toxin is so hardy and concentrated 
that it can pass through mothers-milk, fetus, sperm etc.
3) Children are especially exposed to the toxic inventions of our time, 
as children are small (concentrated mass) and have more open tissue/pores.

In summery; Michel, what's the point of building a natural house for 
your family, when you then ignite a (small) toxin bomb in it?

Max Vittrup Jensen
Msc. Environmental Management, strawbale builder, organic farmer, father 
+ proud owner of a large mosquito net...

> Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 20:16:47 +0100
> From: Michel Van Mulders <michelvanmulders at siol...>
> Subject: Re: [Strawbale] bugs
> Hello,
> I have had no experience with these bugs but what I notice when using  
> just a commercial mosquito killer in summer that it also kills almost  
> any other insect like spiders or a fly....
> These are the common anti-mosquito devices you plug in and evaporate  
> some stuff that kills them.
> Ok, I know some people would say it can be unhealthy, but if you have  
> children and leave a window open a little.... they sleep nice .... and  
> we too!
> Has nobody tried this yet?
> Greetings,
> Michel.

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