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On Thu, 05 Mar 2009 08:58:04 -0500,
Derelict (a fellow who apparently has a wealth of experience/knowledge in  
"sticking it to the Man") wrote:

> While the software might not let us simply specify a city, I think this  
> concept might solve the privacy problem.  We could enter the  
> address/coordinates of City Hall in the nearest major city.  (Or maybe  
> the home address of any obstinate building code official.) That way,  
> even the hypothetical FBI search warrant wouldn't get any new  
> information (on specific SB home owners) from the map.

If I go to Mapquest.com to look up driving directions or go to Expedia.ca  
to book travel arrangements, their software will let me be vague enough to  
simply specify a City or Airport if I want, or I can be as specific as a  
street address if I want.

Geeze, if they can make their software do that, surely the Digital  
WWWizards of Strawbalia can do the same or better. Right ? So what's the  
problem ? [Quickly looking around/under/above me] I don't see a problem ?

Okay, here's something that may work.

You select the location by entering the name of the nearest large city  
(Population > 100,000), province (or state) and country.

A map at the scale of a (US) state road map appears with an animated image  
of Matts (clad only in boxer shorts and bowler derby hat) darting about  
randomly all over the map.

You (or some offspring with quick digits) have to try and nail him by  
clicking your mouse cursor over the scurrying Mad Matts and at whatever  
spot you were lucky enough to catch him, that's where the digital pinhead  
will be inserted marking the tally for your SB structure.
Very random and imprecise.

Good enough ? Good. I'll expect to see the map by the end of business  

Boy, the things we do to keep Matts entertained. Eh ?

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