[Strawbale] Searching for the Danish SB R-value testing results

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Tue Mar 17 13:28:55 CET 2009


I'm searching for the Danish SB R-value testing results. So I can 
compare them with the German, Austrian and French results. Other 
(serious) tests are also welcome. I'm particularly interested to know 
the lamda of SB tests in relation to the dry density that was tested.

What I've found so far (thanks to Bruno Jarno) is :
Country 	Dry density
 (kg/m3) 	Mesured Lambda (W/m.K)
Germany 	90 	0,05
Austria 	100,8 	0,05
France 	env. 70 	0,07

Sorry for those that are not on the metrical system (yet ;-). On René's 
Dallmeijers website http://www.strobouw.nl  you can convert lots of 
stuff : (click 'English' and then 'Technical')

André de Bouter
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