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Fri Jan 23 13:03:32 CET 2009


In fact, we still have 8 free spots in the French workshop (but places 
are filling up quite fast).

I appreciate your suggestion Rob-Tom to expand the workshops but I don't 
think this is possible as things are allready expanded to the max.
In fact all started by Coralie and I wanting to join a Steens workshop 
at Canelo. We then figured we might as well fly them here to teach a 
workshop instead of us flyin' to the States.
It then turned into a 2 month European tour (mostly organized by Lars 
Keller). But the Steens want to go home after 2 months (seems they 
really like America ;-) and in Europe it is not legal to work day & 
night. So we figured that 4 workshops in 2 months leaving a timeschedule 
that allows Bill & Athena to actually enjoy being on the road is a good 

All the best,

André de Bouter

>> I have had a request by a Portugese arquitect looking for SB workshops
>> oriented towards "profesionals"-anywhere in Europe.
> As it so happens, a message showed up in my mailbox yesterday which 
> mentioned the following:
>> And now that it's good to be an American [again], we are going to 
>> Europe for a couple ofmonths this summer. I'll give you more details 
>> later but apparently the four workshopsthat are scheduled are filled 
>> up. Denmark, Estonia,Slovakia and France.

> Quite frankly, I think that the Euro-pee'ins should look at somehow 
> expanding the workshops to enable more people to attend, if for no 
> other reason, to amortise the embodied energy of the trip over a 
> broader base.
> (But I'm sure that most baleheads can think of more and arguably 
> better reasons for expanding the workshops. ie Satomi referred to Beel 
> as "old man" in a photo she sent out on Beel's last birthday. Can't 
> expect the old geezer to last forever . Eh ?  Gather in your Steen 
> workshops while ye may, for tomorrow ... )

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