[Strawbale] Coping with horizontal rain.

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Sun Feb 22 21:25:11 CET 2009

Hi Brian

I really like the visual look of your house, it's very unique I think.

But I'm very curious as to what aspect of it you are protecting through a
patent? As far as I'm aware, it's quite unusual in the SB world to hear of
someone applying for a patent on either a design or a technique.

It's also a shame that a web page that has a lot of good words about
reducing energy use, living green lifestyle, reducing dependency on fossil
fuels, etc, uses a photo of a powerful sports car parked inside a SB house!

Best Wishes

2009/2/22 Brian Waite <brian at brianwaite....uk>

>  Dear All,
> when I decided to design my strawbale insulated retirement home the
> vulnerability of breathing walls in this area of horizontal rain (the Lake
> District of the UK) was my main concern. My solution is on
> www.strawbalehouse.co.uk  I have totally covered the (lime rendered) bales
> with tiles. The entry for ventilation air is at gutter level (approx 1M)
> with the exit at the ridge (7.5M). This has a natural chimney effect that
> draws air over the bales and is further amplified by solar gain on the
> tiles.
> Brian
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