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Dear Rob

I'm sorry - I can receive from the list but I can't reply (it doesn't
recognise my e-mail address - must get it sorted!)

We are building a holiday cottage on our farm in the Uk to learn and to
raise the profile of sb here. We built a sb caravan first and i researched
it  for my thesis (from which Jim just quoted on the list). During my  
research I
found that a rainscreen would be a good idea and so we altered the facade
of the permanent cottage to include one (in places). Jim has put moisture  
in so  we can monitor the effect over the years.

The way we did it (completely made up - no idea if it is right!) - we built
a frame of 4x2's and stacked the bales behind. We applied a slip coat of
clay to  the visible straw and then a thicker coat of clay, sand and  
hemp. when  dry we applied a couple of coats of lime wash for good measure  
clad with  8 inch larch boards (overlapped 2 inches). We put some vent  
holes in
the bottom and in the top. The air gap behind the boards will be approx 3
inches. I appreciate that cracks will open up near the timber but am
hoping that this will not significantly affect performance of the wall

Please feel free to share this with the list if you think worthy
best wishes
_www.homegrownhome.co.uk_ (http://www.homegrownhome.co.uk)

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(Thanks Carol. [while wetting index finger [slurp] and making an air-tally  
mark , showing the scallywag wrong re:his assertion about SBer's being  
clueless about rainscreens]

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Rob Tom
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
< A r c h i L o g i c  at  chaffYahoo  dot ca>
(manually winnow the chaff from my edress in your reply)
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