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Mon May 21 23:48:39 CEST 2007

 Hi everyone!
 I wanted to let everyone here know that there is a project starting near Toulouse in the south of France this summer and that there is the oppotunity for anyone interested to come and join in as a volunteer. The house is being built as a timberframe with strawbale infill in the walls, floor and roof. 
 We are going to manufacture wooden ibeams on site which will then be used to make the roof and floor and strawbales placed between them, so volunters will be both making the ibeams and placing the bales.
 The project is situated ina lovely wood outside of Toulouse with facilities for camping on site including shower and kitchen, electricity and water. Food will provided for and we hope to find time to talk about straw bale and general eco construction in the evenings so that it isnt all work, and we will try to have some fun too!
The work will involve some carpentry if you are interested but experience is not necissary, just good heart. 
If you are interested, or know anyone who might be interested, reply to this email address and I will provide details of dates etc
Paul sheraton
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