[Strawbale] Brilliance is subjective (was Re: Strawbale Digest, Vol 20, Issue 3)

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Wed May 16 23:56:29 CEST 2007

On Wed, 16 May 2007 15:56:06 -0400, Iskon <aunkovic at inet...> wrote:

> Regarding that book "Small Strawbale" it is a really good book

> But I advise you to take a look at a small guide book "Building with  
> awareness",which is absolutely brilliant, full of tehnicalials,  
> practical guides... a DVD is included

I've only seen the "Building With Awareness" DVD and I've have to say that  
while it is nice to look at, many of the techniques and details espoused  
therein exhibit a great deal of un-awareness as to how to make a good  
building, never mind a Green building.

In short, many of the ideas *seem* to be good ones on paper but when those  
ideas confronted the Real World at the building site, too often they ended  
up being unsatisfactory and in most instances, it could be chalked up to  
inexperience or ignorance.

Nothing wrong with either of those of course, but to suggest that BWA is a  
guide to building well is simmply erronious. What it really should have  
been called is :

     "This is how I made my first building and some of the things that I  
     not to do the next time."

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