[Strawbale] Which of the Houses is made of Straw?

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Tue Mar 14 19:14:25 CET 2006

Hello Rikki - I can add a little information to 
the list below -- could also send higher 
resolution images for a couple of them.
I will put a CD together with these images, plus 
the historic photos you requested.  Can you email 
me the address of where to mail the CD?  best regards, Catherine

At 07:37 AM 3/14/2006, Herbert Gruber wrote:
>Dear Rikki
>Picture 1:?
>Picture 2: France, Thierry Dronet's atelier in 
>Vosges, Arch.: Jean Luc Thomas  -- photo credit, 
>Catherine Wanek -- please note that the image is inverted
>Picture 3: ? -- I believe this is a home in 
>Washington state, USA, designer/builder Sun Ray Kelly
>Picture 4: Pascal Thepaut, in France, as 
>mentioned- owner/builder Else Le Guern (sp?)
>Picture 5: Strawbale House in Allentsteig, 
>Austria, School,     Arch.: NÖ Landesregierung
>Picture 6: small building in UK, built in 
>workshop by Barbara Jones, Simon Pratt -- this 
>is a SB demo at the Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales
>Picture 7: Germany, building in Westerwald, built by: Matthias Bönisch
>Picture 8: Germany, building in Forstmehren, Westerwald, Arch.: Gernot
>Minke, builöt by: Gernot Minke, Friedemann 
>Mahlke - for musician Thomas Kagermann
>Picture 9: CH, loadbearing Strawbale-House in Dissentis, Arch./built by:
>Arch. Werner Schmidt
>Picture 9: Ireland, Spiral House in Co. Mayo, Arch./built by: Amazon Nails
>Picture 10: UK, Circular House in Norfolk, 
>Arch./built by: Amazon Nails -- photo credit 
>Catherine Wanek.  This is a bathhouse.
>Picture 11: France, SB-House in Bretagne, built 
>by: private (please note that this image is inverted)
>Picture 13: France, SB-House in Chatellerault, Arch.: Jean Marie Haquette
>Picture 14: UK, Arch./built by: Amazon Nails
>Picture 15: India, SB-Shed in Auroville, Built by: Coralie et André de
>Bouter (workshop)
>Picture 16: ? (Maybe a new view from Real Goods Center, USA)
>Picture 17: Denmark, Eco-School (Økologigske Landbrugsskole) in Åbybro,
>Arch.: Rolf Jacobson, built by: Steen Møller (and Lars Keller)
>Picture 18: ? (seems for me to be in Australia)
>You find most of the pictures on:
>Best wishes
>Herbert Gruber, ASBN
> > Hi All!
> >
> > As some of you may already know, Maren Termens and I  are finishing up a
> > book about Strawbale Construction (written in Spanish).  One of our ideas
> > is to include at the very beginning of the book a page of fotos whith
> > Strawbale Houses that don´t look like Strawbale houses--or other
> > interesting and unusual SB structures.  The Caption on this page will be
> > "Which of these Buildings is Made with Straw?"; on the next page the
> > answer:  all of them.
> >
> > Most of the images we have at the moment are taken off various web-pages
> > and are of very low quality.  We don´t have any information about who
> > built/owns or photographed most of these 
> houses either.  So we want to know:
> > -If you recognize any of the structures and would like us to include
> > information about it (who, where, how, etc) in the book, send us a breif
> > descrption (let us know which house by row # and pic. #--top to bottom,
> > right to left)
> > -If you don´t want us to include any of these pictures in the book, let us
> > know.
> > -If you have any high quality versions of these fotos (or others we don´t
> > have) we would love to have them!
> >
> > Thanks in advance!
> >
> > Rikki Nitzkin
> > rikkinitzkin at earthlink...
> > Red de Construcción con Balas de Paja/ Spanish Strawbale Network
> > "Tenemos el Derecho y Responsabilidad de Crear el Mundo en que Queremos
> > Vivir"
> > "We Have the Right and Responsability to Create the World we Want to Live
> > in"
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