[Strawbale] Re: SB house threatened in Andalucía - Spanish SB houses?

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Mon Mar 6 23:00:14 CET 2006

Hi Rikki,

Heidi Snel made a DVD of a strawbale fire testing in Germany.
You can order it on her website. (The title is Stroh im Kopf -she also  
sells an Engish version of it))

She also made some snapshots of this test and has put them here :  

I have uploaded 3 other tests to my webserver. You can download them until  
the 13th of March (!)
The ones of Austria are in German. I hope you´ll find someone to translate  
them if necessary.
Otherwise you can Skype or call (see end of page) me, and I´ll help you  
out (my nickname on Skype is : benjelli)

US : STRAW BALE FIRE SAFETY - A review of testing and experience to date -  
July 30, 2003


Austria : certificate of a firetest and research on the fireresistance of  
a strawbale wall :


Austria : another test, but the the testing was done on strawbales, not a  
wall :


Good luck !

Ben Albu

Ben Albu
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0032 476 57 53 20

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