[Strawbale] Re: SB house threatened in Andalucía

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Mon Mar 6 19:37:59 CET 2006

Dear Nicky

Really sorry to hear such bad news, let's hope that fdaced with more
information they will change their minds...

I have copied your message to the European Strawbale list, as I know there
are people who have done lots of work with fire testing - is anyone able to
maybe provide some links/data/testimonial to Nicky that could be shown to
the Spanish authorities that strawbale is not a fire risk? Any examples from
Spain would be even better...

Best Wishes

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> >Subject: Strawbale in Andalucia
> >Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 01:49:24 -0800 (PST)
> >
> >We have built a strawbale building in Parque de Aracena in andalucia
> which
> >because of various confusions about what we had applied for permission
> for,
> >it now has a demolition order (and a fine) hanging over it -their reasons
> >being that it is a fire hazard and unaesthetic!. Part of the reason why
> we
> >wanted to build it was to show that there are alternatives to the
> horrific
> >amounts of cement that go into spanish buildings and I am doing an
> >ecological footprint ananlysis on the building ( see
> >www.bestfootforward.com - the company I own and run when I'm not trying
> to
> >build something!). I had thought that the Park authority might also see
> >this but it seems not. We are fighting the demolition order on principle
> >but I was wondering if there is a website of Spanish strawbale examples
> >anywhere which we could use to make the building less scary! >king
> regards
> >
> >Nicky Chambers
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