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Sat Feb 18 12:45:31 CET 2006


A comprehensive reply ... :-)    I thank you for your time and thought.

>++I think you said at the start that rammed tyres were out due to
>leaching etc.
>I think you may be mistaking me for Mark (Bigland-Pritchard)? A
>flattering mistake however.
oops!  :-|  sorry!

>...acidic...rainwater and the tire material... petro chemical
>"soup" which then descends into an aquifer ...

I agree with you completely that the use of tyres is a compromise, to one 
degree or another, from start to finish.

>++I have *never* seen any data on this issue - but I'd like to as I
>intuitively feel there has to be outgassing or something from tyres.
>The fact that we have never seen any data does not mean it does not

For sure. I should re-phrase: I have not found any, and I've looked - 
believe me.

>...heard that earth "ship" owners ... have reported that in high Summer
>you can smell them.

'nuff said?

>I cant imagine ramming a three bedroomed earth ships worth?  ;^)

Yep!  =8-0

>...railway sleepers (wooden?) and/or old
>telelegraph poles in Canada are pretty dangerous things
In the UK. I doubt I'd use them again...they're pretty horrible 
things...oils, creosotes and who knows what else.

>If we are not perfect then it is a question of the degree of our
>imperfection? ...under floor [insulation] ... as good as some man made 
>products. Its a trade off?

Completely, absolutely, couldn't agree more. The entire project is a 

>The quarry would have to use a solar powered diamond saw
The diamonds would be mined with solar powered machinery?
The machinery manufactured  in solar powered workshops?
Delivered to site with???

Best to you


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