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Sat Feb 18 12:36:30 CET 2006

the jury is still out on the exact toxicity of railway sleepers, but 
personally, the argument for limited re-use is strong - weathering 
has generally ensured that most of the tar/creosote has off-gassed/ 
been emitted, but traces remain and in building a 
natural-material/healthy building, the risk is too great, i feel....


[2003] From June 30th EEC and British Dept Trade & Industry ruling that:
~ All creosoted railway sleepers can continue to be sold and used 
safely with some exceptions and guidelines:
- They should not to be used for childrens play areas, toys, garden 
furniture, picnic tables, inside buildings
- They should not be used where there is a risk of frequent skin 
contact, or where they may come into contact with food stuffs
- There is NO problem with new untreated or pressure treated 
sleepers, or used untreated, pressure treated or salt treated sleepers.

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