[strawbale] railway sleepers

rikki nitzkin rnitzkin at hotmail...
Sat Feb 25 08:06:21 CET 2006

I understand about being careful about health issues is important, but to be 
environmentally conscious about re-using materials is important too.  What 
should we do with all this waste material if we don't re-use it?  If 
re-using it may further damage the earth we should be aware (as it seems may 
be the case of re-using tyres), but how much of a risk to our health can it 
be to use these materials in the foundations of our houses.  I can't imagine 
living in an earth-ship made with tyre walls, but I don't think I 'd worry 
about them being under the floor...and as for old, used water treated wood, 
if most of the harmful materials have been washed off...and even if they 
haven't they are still going to continue "leeching" wherever they are, 
aren't they?

Rikki Nitzkin

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