[Strawbale] Saskatchewan foundations

Michael lough michaelklough at sympatico...
Thu Feb 16 23:14:45 CET 2006

Paul said

++What about  piles/posts buried in the ground, supporting a
suspended wooden floor over the ground onto which the walls and
building could be constructed?

This would work very well I am sure depending on the weight of the
building, this dictating the number and diameter of the posts of
course but why wouldnt it work if the soil provides sufficient
support but would this solid support present drainage problems? A
more open pored well draining soil support for the posts  might not
provide long term support though?

Given the choice I would personally prefer to not have to fiddle
with posts or piles attaching a building to them and then have to
worry about insulating the suspended underside of the " horizontal
wall " from a Saskatchewan winter. Is this building to be occupied
in any way or not? Perhaps its just a demonstration/workshop thing
and wont have a finished floor even?

Pole perched buildings are quite common here  but for any sense of
permanence and the possible need to effectively insulate from
permafrost 8^) the investment in a more substantial foundation
might for some be worth it over the long haul.

I think the idea of rammed earth tires is probably the best overall
solution ceainly from an environmental perspective but I wonder if knowing
the freeeze point in Sask. whether someone could recommend this
system unless the tires wall went down 6 feet ? Not sure about
this though…

Michael Lough

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