[Strawbale] Saskatchewan foundations

donald mchardy fieryx at hotmail...
Fri Feb 17 09:54:07 CET 2006

>I think the idea of rammed earth tires is probably the best overall
>solution ceainly from an environmental perspective

I think you said at the start that rammed tyres were out due to leaching 
I have *never* seen any data on this issue - but I'd like to as I 
intuitively feel there has to be outgassing or something from tyres.

FWIW, I'm building a 7m x 5m sb (looking to plaster in a few weeks). The 
foundations are rammed tyres with railway sleepers on top. There is a LOT of 
work in ramming those tyres...don't underestimate that. If I were to do 
again, I'd be looking around for alternatives.


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