[Strawbale] Waterproofing bathrooms, circular buildings and other questions

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G 'day Ruth

1.  Maybe some answers for you, maybe not.  Regarding water proofing
bathroom walls we use a 4" x 2" stud wall over the straw bales and then
render in between the studs wall.  We then cover the studs with fibre
cement sheeting which is then waterproofed at the joints with a
proprietary sealer usually fibre glass.  We then tile over the cement
sheeting see one photo here which may give you a clue:


2.  Do not know of your English regulations sorry.

3.  We have built several round buildings now and the smallest is around
3.6 metres diameter internal measurement i.e. 4.5 meters to the external
wall see:


4.  Why do you need so much glass on the southern wall (northern for us)
when you have so much insulation in the straw bale walls.  I am of the
opinion that you do not need so much passive solar heating from so much
glass when you have super insulation in the walls.  I go for 30% glass
in our northern walls fro passive solar heating.  Then again we live in
a hotter climate than yours.

Kind regards
The Straw Wolf

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I have lots of questions:


1) Does anybody know anything about waterproofing bathrooms that have 

2 Does anyone have any idea if this would be considered an 

3)What is the minimum circle diameter anyone has used succesfully with 

4) How feasible is it to have a loadbearing strawbale building with one 
wall of mainly glass or at least windows. Or would it be better to have 
some sort of timber frame... what is a good ratio of glass to bale?

Thanks in advance,



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