[Strawbale] Waterproofing bathrooms, circular buildings and other questions

Ruth Walker walker_re2002 at yahoo....uk
Sun Oct 30 22:31:59 CET 2005

Hello strawbalers,

I'm new to this list, having been recommended it by Chug on his course 
at LILI in September. Thanks Chug...

I have lots of questions:

1) Does anybody know anything about waterproofing bathrooms that have 
strawbale walls?  I was looking at the moroccan technique of Tadelakt a 
kind of waterproof plaster finish using lime, egg yolks and soft soap. 
Has anyone tried this?

2) We are planning on building a 12 x 5m garden workshop at my place of 
work. Does anyone have any idea if this would be considered an 
outbuilding? I've tried to go to the planning departments website but 
its not that helpful. Are there any basic guidelines. Has anyone had 
experience about building at a workplace? We're in Oxfordshire if that 

3)What is the minimum circle diameter anyone has used succesfully with 

4) How feasible is it to have a loadbearing strawbale building with one 
wall of mainly glass or at least windows. Or would it be better to have 
some sort of timber frame... what is a good ratio of glass to bale?

Thanks in advance,


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