[Strawbale] Pleae help us gather information

Joyce Coppinger jc10508 at alltel...
Thu Oct 20 21:42:43 CEST 2005

The International Straw Bale Registry at http://sbregistry.greenbuilder.com
is an excellent source of information about bale buildings open to the
public as well as design and construction details and other information.
Greenbuilder.com, The Last Straw Journal, The Straw Bale Association of
Texas, and the Development Center for Appropriate Technology, along with a
number of regional straw-bale organizations are working together to build a
database of 
buildings constructed using strawbale. This database includes listings from
23 countries around the world, and 48 states in the USA.

A four-page questionnaire is used to gather information for the registry's
database. Information can be held private or shared publicly.

We encourage you to list your projects, to let people know about the
registry, and to use the registry as a source of information, as well. 

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