[Strawbale]straw woof insulation??

Brand J.H.J. J.H.J.Brand at phys....nl
Tue May 31 13:05:19 CEST 2005

Dear All,

We are starting a small new ecovillage in the Vosgues region in France. we
bought beautifull land with a farm on it. Of course that house is poor
insulated. One of my first thougths is to insulate at least the roof and
some other parts with strawbales. Roughly i think of taking the tiles off,
extend the roof edges well to protect the walls better from rain, put a clay
plaster on the wood structure, embed the bales in the clay, finish them with
a plaster. put wooden ribs on top of the plaster and bring the tiles back
on. the plaster just as a protection against rodents. 
The weight of the plaster will be considerable but i think if e.g. every
bale width there is a vertical plank that connects the old frame with the
new, the roof will become a stiff sandwich that can easily bare heavy loads.

is there any experience with such modifications of existing houses?


DeeTale or Joost


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