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Chug -

Sounds good in theory, but my experience of trying to use online 
translation facilities for Danish-English translation last summer was 
pretty miserable.  In fact, worse than useless - I couldn't find a 
facility that could produce translations that made any sense, and in any 
case all the key technical words weren't in the online dictionary...  So 
now I'd be a bit cautious about automatic translation.

Something that might help, though,  is a multilingual glossary of 
technical terms.

I have a lot of sympathy with you Herbert (and everyone else for whom 
English isn't their first language) - if I had to write everything in 
German, I could do it but it would take ages.  And I also find it deeply 
frustrating always having to convert US data into international units if 
I want any quantitative information.

Maybe those of us who are a "bridge" between different strawbale lists 
should make a point of passing on stuff from one list to another if we 
think it is of particular interest.


Chug. wrote:

>Hi Herbert
>it seems the world has adopted our english language but not our system of measurement, and just to clarify, we in the UK use the 
>same metric system you do and have done for over 30 years now.
>I am not going to post anymore about the SB lists topic after this post...I promise - honest, but it seems there are plenty of lists 
>around the world providing good info for SBers, although it seems not many people know about all of them,
>and as I said previously it can take a lot of time trying to keep up with all of them(especially with this list now getting used 
>more) and a lot of the time topics are repeated from one list to the another, especially newbie questions, so for me personally less 
>would be better, but I am forgetting that english is my native language so it's easy for me to keep up. Could the answer be one list 
>but with automatic translation into your preferred language?......Now theres a technical challenge for you computer geeks!
>bale on
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>Dear Straw Wolf, dear Chug
>Not again the same discussion about the list.
>It is hard for (most of) us - not native english speaking people - to write,
>think and read in english, to find all the words which are not in usual
>dictionaries, like "dampfbremse", "winddichtigkeit", "bauphysik"...
>But I am not willing to think and measure in ', lb, ft, like 8 'x 3'x 2'.
>When we wrote the german book "Bauen mit Stroh" we had to translate all the
>stuff to german (and mostly European) measures. And we had to understand,
>that European tests and building-codes are very different to the US.
>That our efforts in ecology, passive and low-energy-houses, solar
>architecture are very different to Arizona´s, Texas´ or Nevada´s
>strawbale-efforts because of a really different climate.
>If you vote for one english or american list, I vote for one german list.
>This would safe much time in front of dictionaries. And this is the area
>where I am working.
>Best wishes,
>Herbert Gruber, ASBN
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