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Hi Herbert

it seems the world has adopted our english language but not our system of measurement, and just to clarify, we in the UK use the 
same metric system you do and have done for over 30 years now.
I am not going to post anymore about the SB lists topic after this post...I promise - honest, but it seems there are plenty of lists 
around the world providing good info for SBers, although it seems not many people know about all of them,
and as I said previously it can take a lot of time trying to keep up with all of them(especially with this list now getting used 
more) and a lot of the time topics are repeated from one list to the another, especially newbie questions, so for me personally less 
would be better, but I am forgetting that english is my native language so it's easy for me to keep up. Could the answer be one list 
but with automatic translation into your preferred language?......Now theres a technical challenge for you computer geeks!

bale on
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Dear Straw Wolf, dear Chug

Not again the same discussion about the list.
It is hard for (most of) us - not native english speaking people - to write,
think and read in english, to find all the words which are not in usual
dictionaries, like "dampfbremse", "winddichtigkeit", "bauphysik"...
But I am not willing to think and measure in ', lb, ft, like 8 'x 3'x 2'.

When we wrote the german book "Bauen mit Stroh" we had to translate all the
stuff to german (and mostly European) measures. And we had to understand,
that European tests and building-codes are very different to the US.
That our efforts in ecology, passive and low-energy-houses, solar
architecture are very different to Arizona´s, Texas´ or Nevada´s
strawbale-efforts because of a really different climate.
If you vote for one english or american list, I vote for one german list.
This would safe much time in front of dictionaries. And this is the area
where I am working.

Best wishes,
Herbert Gruber, ASBN

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