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Makes sense to me Simon.
Lars Keller


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> > I also believe that Walter Fass` suggestion of setting up a forum would
> > make sense.
> > I could set up and maintain the forum if the majority of the esbn users
> > supports this suggestion.
> > I am looking forward to receiving your responses.
> Hi everyone
> We currently have 276 people on this email list, which I think speaks
> volumes for its success (we started off with just 12 people five years
> ago!!). The list was set up to be a place for announcements (such as
> volunteers required, new projects, etc), information requests and
> questions, but not to be a place for in-depth technical discussion.
> I agree that a forum is a very good idea, but I would be worried that
> it would isolate many people on the list. The beauty of the email list
> is that the discussions come to you, direct into your inbox. You don't
> have to go find the discussion - i.e. log on, go to a website, read
> the list of topics being discussed, follow the links, etc.
> I often find discussions on the list turn out to be much more
> interesting than I expected at the beginning (e.g. the recent
> money/ethics discussion). I probably wouldn't have made the effort to
> check out that topic in a discussion forum.
> My proposal is that the email list is kept as it is, and that in-depth
> (especially technical) discussions take place in the forum. When
> someone starts a new discussion topic in the forum, they can send a
> message to the list with a link, so people know about it and can then
> visit and take part if they wish.
> Please let me know what you think.
> Cheers
> Simon (list administrator)
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