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Hi Amit.
I Norway where the biggest amount of houses are built in wood we have a lot of different insulation materials for wooden houses, but I am not sure what you can get in Spain? Another question is how big space you have to disposition for the insulation.
  1.. The best insulation material is cellulose-fiber (from wood or from reused paper) or 
  2.. insulation made of reused clothes (comming up just now). 
  3.. Straw is good as well, but the dimensions (the wall thickness) will be nearly as much as in a straw bale house. 
  4.. In Germany you can buy straw or reed mats in different thickness- they er wonderfull to work with too an you can plaster it just like the straw wall. 
  5.. You can also use what we here call "cutter chip" a mix of small chips from wood (rest after hovel or axe) and lime. 
Between the wooden windows and the wooden wall the best possibel material you can choose is sheep wool (unwashed - buy it directly from the farmer). Its wonderfull to work with, it makes it really delicious to work!

By the pipe I would use Leca (expended burnt clay) in a clayplaster, or - if you are out of the fireprotected sone I would use the sheep wool here too.

good luck
friendly regards from 
Alice Reite

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  Hi there, 

  I am new to this list. I am just finishing my Straw Bale home, located in the South of Spain, a 100 square meters (2 Bedrooms, Salon, Kitchen, Bath), hybrid, clay plaster, clay & straw for roof insulation, solar home design. 

  My question is, if someone knows, what would you use to insulate a wood stove and it's pipe where it exits the wall. and what insulation would you use between the windows (wood) and the wooden frames?


  Amit Kvint


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