[Strawbale] StrawBale House in Alicante

Oliver Schulzyk oschulzyk at web...
Tue Dec 13 18:39:45 CET 2005

Hello everybody 

My name is Oli (German) and I am also new to this Forum.
Next summer I will start my strawbale-dream and like Amits its also located in the south of Spain, in Sella, Alicante. Maybe you could tell me where to find you Amit, maybe we could have a chat. My email is oschulzyk at web....
The plan is to have an interior beam structure with strawbale "frontfill" 1,5 Stories. The plot is terassed, so we will be building over 2 terasses. The touching wall will be made half of concrete blocs and the other half left open so that a natural rock can be integrated into the house. This means also some drainage inside the house, just in front of the rock-wall. Because we have two terrible hot months in summer, the idea is to let rinse some water (closed circuit) over the surface of the inclined rock-wall. Maybe this turns out to be some great cooling system. What do you guys think of that idea??
As I am designing the house at the moment (+collecting recycelt building material) I got in touch with a great design tool, which was very easy to learn to work with.
If somebody else is working with SketchUp, I would be happy to share plans with.
A nice Xmas to everybody.

Best regards Oliver Schulzyk 
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