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>Greetings from Antalya, Turkey! I am just starting work on a small eco 
>centre tucked away in a beautiful corner of the Toros Mountains. I have 
>nearly one hectare of good terraced land and plan to start a 
>self-sufficient home for a small community of people that will also offer 
>special interest retreats and low-impact tourism. There is currently one 
>old cottage to which I plan to add a straw bale house, a yurt and a couple 
>of traditional nomad tents. There are almost unlimited opportunities for 
>anyone interested in natural building, permaculture and organic gardening.
>Basically, have fun, and escape the stresses of modern life!
>If you would be interested in coming to Turkey to help with the project, I 
>am able to pay a good local wage and offer full board and lodgings.
>Please email me for more info!
>Jon Bawn
>Tel. 0090 537 582 4104
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