[Strawbale]Testing loadbearing straw bale structures ++ Need HELP for conception ++ Questions at the end

Jan Pfleiderer janpfleiderer at gmx...
Sun Sep 12 14:52:37 CEST 2004

Hi Dirk and all other colleagues,

first of all, my respect to all the work you put in this new testing project
and congratulations for all the goals you have achieved so far.
I do not want to get into deep discussions about testing layouts here on the
net, since there are too many details and too many possibilities for
misunderstandings. Communication will be one of the last unsolved miracles
ever.  :-)

>From my point of view, what I miss most in this discussion is the
formulation of the exact goal. What are you aiming for? What will be the
achievements of these testings?
So basically I wouldn't mind participating in this discussion, but first of
all, I would like to read the exact goal of all these efforts. From my
experience, finding one sentence to describe the aim of such a project is
the hardest part of the work. But coming from there, the path of getting
closer to the result became much shorter already.
Probably, Dirk, you went through all this already and the exact goal of your
efforts is tucked away in your drawer. Then I would be glad to read about
it. If not, I would recommend to make a step back and to put our heads
together first. All the other steps will be a result of this first one.

With regards,

Jan Pfleiderer

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