[Strawbale]Re: insulation against train vibrations

steets at planet... steets at planet...
Mon Sep 6 15:40:59 CEST 2004


Thanks for your response.

Yes, we did consider the amount of times and time during the day when these trains pass.

They pass about ten times each hour (more on weekdays in rush hour, less in weekends and evenings). 

They travel at relatively  low speeds, because the track is only about 10 km long between the two stations. Still, we have to significantly raise our voices if you want to talk to each other while a train is passing.

More importantly, county regulations require a max of 60 dB at the walls of the house (or a distance of 200m), which we might be able to wave when applying straw bales. So that leaves the ground vibrations to worry about.

Thanks again.


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