[Strawbale]lime and earth plaster and heating systems in bale walls

jeroen Verzijl hommel at xs4all...
Mon Oct 11 11:49:19 CEST 2004

Thanks for the good advice everybody.

I try and start to drain the foundations next summer.

In the mean time I would love to get rid of the fungus without using
chemicals. I have stript the wall (it's only one inner wall though load
bearing) for the lower 20 centimeters or so. Because the earth plaster
wouldn't cure at all.  I hope lime will be able to cure so I can finish the
Here comes this shrinking problem (or not) because there is a heating system
installed  in the wall the same way as a heated floor is with plastic tubes
running hot water through it.
 This means big and rapid changes in the temperature off the plaster. So
will this be a problem for lime? Earth plaster is working really well and we
have had no cracks.

Does anybody have experience with strawbale wall's using this heating
system? We are planning an extension to our house and would love this
heating system there also.

Thanks again Jeroen

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