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Regarding the problems of damp in the lower parts of the wall......
As Mr. Dalmeijer wrote is a drainage very important. Additionally make sure
that water naturally flows away from the walls and some protection from
splashing rainwater at about 60 cm from the outside bottom of the wall.
My father solved this problem by opening at ground level the wall for about
one meter, the size of a normal brick, then fitting in a layer of bitumen and
filling that meter again. Wait for the cement to cure and do the next meter a
few days later. This sounds maybe a long process but it goes fast. Our whole
house has been "off the ground” in this way but it worked very well. Now more
than 40 years later the walls are still dry  and no cracks came with this
It worked for us but maybe you should ask first an engineer for advise.

Good luck in any case,

Michel Van Mulders.

> Hello,
> This question is not exactly relating to bales bud it does to lime and
> earth plaster.
> We are renovating an old house and have plastered our walls with earth
> plaster. Most of the walls contain tubes witch are connected to our
> central heating system. The walls itself are made of f brick as is the
> foundation. We have a lot of moist climbing up from the walls and some
> areas won't dry. There seems to develop some white powdery fungus on the
> lower part of some inner walls. We thought about stripping the lower part
> of the wall and use a lime plaster instead. Would this solve our problem?
> Because the walls are heated I am also afraid there can be some cracking
> between the lime and earth plaster because of the differed shrinking and
> expanding could this be a problem?
> On the subject of lime and lime putty does anybody know how this is called
> in Dutch and where I can get it?
> Greetings Jeroen Verzijl
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