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Building Without Borders: Sustainable Construction for the Global Village
by Joseph F. Kennedy, Co-founder of Builders Without Borders
New Society Publishers

Building Without Borders: Sustainable Construction for the Global Village 
describes the current efforts to create sustainable shelter for the 
billions currently underhoused or without homes. Through chapters, case 
studies, tech boxes and profiles, it surveys the pioneering efforts of 
people around the world to create lives of dignity without destroying their 
natural habitat to do so. It makes the case for empowering local peoples to 
create houses for themselves, and advocates for education about sustainable 
building practices as a means to house the homeless.

This book demonstrates hard won knowledge about the possibilities and 
challenges of addressing the global housing crisis in an ecologically 
sustainable way. It directly challenges most "development" efforts as being 
ineffective at best and destructive at worst, but also offers a different 
path, with a series of case studies to back this up. It takes a holistic 
approach to the problem of housing provision worldwide, and is consistent 
in its analysis that education and training are the key factors to solving 
the housing crisis.

It champions vernacular traditions, while acknowledging that those 
traditions must evolve to address changing cultural, ecological and 
technological situations. By including a wide variety of authors, from many 
differing countries, academic backgrounds, etc. the book is a true 
cross-section of the wide variety of activities currently underway. By 
eschewing an academic tone, it is accessible to "regular people" who want 
to make a difference, while remaining a useful resource for professionals. 
The book gives a grounding in the various issues facing those that hope to 
address the terrible state of housing worldwide, and, while not being 
prescriptive, points to ways of addressing these situations that will be 
truly sustainable.

The book is composed of chapters that lay out general issues relating to 
sustainable construction in a global context. Each chapter is followed by 
several case studies of particular projects illustrating themes brought up 
in that chapter. Scattered throughout the book are "tech boxes" detailing 
particular technological advances in sustainable construction that can have 
wide application or inspiration. Finally, several "profiles" honor pioneers 
in this field. The book also includes an annotated bibliography for further 

Building Without Borders is profusely illustrated with photographs of real 
projects. By focusing on the hopeful vision of people working together to 
solve a problem common to humanity, the photos provide a "human touch" to 
this work, showing the excitement and joy attendant to this most meaningful 
work  to ensure that everyone has a home.

Joseph F. Kennedy is a member of the Builders Without Borders Steering 
Committee and faculty member of the EcoDwelling Concentration, Culture, 
Ecology and Sustainable Community Program, New College of California. Along 
with his extensive personal travel, research and hands-on projects in this 
field, he co-authored The Art of Natural Building and contributed to 
Alternative Construction: Contemporary Natural Building Methods. Kennedy 
lives in Sonoma County, California.

This book is available directly from Builders Without Borders at a special 
introductory price of $22.95 plus postage, which is $25 via media mail and 
$28 via priority mail.  You can also request it from your favorite bookstore.

To order your copy, please send a check to Builders Without Borders, 119 
Main Street, Kingston, NM 88042.  For credit card orders call 505-895-5400 
or email mail at BuildersWithoutBorders....

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