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Indeed, in some cases one even sees stacks of them piled in the corner
of fields rotting away now

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>Hi Carina,
>In my experience in England we usually have at least one supplier of small
>bales in each county area and when the farmer who has supplied my bales for
>years recently sold up and moved on then another local farmer quickly
>stepped in to supply the local demand, as with most products if there is a
>demand someone will find a supply.
>bale on
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>Dear People,
>A. For long I have the fantasy to built a sauna in my garden in a straw/mud
>construction. Can anybody help out on that.
>B. Yesterday I was searching for strawbales in a handeble size. With the
>technology of huge roll size or 2 meter block size straw bales, I don't see
>how we can continue building strawbale houses? How is the builders
>experience, since I don't have any yet?
>Many greetings Carina


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