[Strawbale]strawbale buildings in wet climat conditions

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Wed Jun 16 23:32:23 CEST 2004

dear Chris,

Is is good to consider about problems who will eventualy arise. They can
occur during the building of the walls (rainfall) and time needed for the
stucco's to get dryed, exposure to rain sides..
The issue is not to get water into (on top of) the walls were it can stay
for longer periodes.
Several possibility's to protect the wall from outside, as long as you have
a ventilation in between.
How will be the behavior of heating during wet seasons?
As long as you keep the wall-concept breathable, 'vapour-open' (?) and
protected from any water penetreting into the walls (and accumulating
there), with what kind of protection so ever on the outside (wood is
regainable), to me seems the strawbale concept anywhere applyable. Any
insulation material shouldn't get wet. But you have to choose for the
concept first and balance it with other possibility's.
You can even prefabricate your walls under dry conditions.

As builders, we have some experience in Holland collected.
You can question us more if you need to and see our website (although it  is
not up to date anymore, whe rather have to work on it....)


Rob Kaptein
Monnikensteeg 103-F
6823 AA Arnhem
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