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Wed Feb 11 16:27:56 CET 2004

John ,

At 07:36 AM 2/11/04, you wrote:
>It would be good and prudent to supply them with any other work on
>thermal properties of SB so if any of you have any other work on this
>please send details for all of us.  At the moment the model for the
>National Australian Energy Rating System (NATHERS) uses R1.5 for the
>walls.  Multiply by 5.5 to get the American R rating which I believe is
>different from the UK R rating.

This is very conservative for a 2 string bale I use the conservative rating of
R5-6 based on SI units. See the excell spreadsheet for more details.

I have also included a summary I found on the internet of some of the R 
value tests.

Anybody who wants these drop me a line and I will send then to you.

You can use my technical pages to do the conversion from imperial to metric.
http://home.hetnet.nl/~rene.dalmeijer/sbframeset.html please note the 
change in hosting provider address select technical and select the required 
page. to do the conversion. Also please note my change of e-mail address to 
rene.dalmeijer at hetnet...

The Germans tend to use and have tested higher values but I don't fully 
trust them (the test results that is) The German SB community I do they are 
a very nice group of people strongly committed to sustainability.


Rene Dalmeijer
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