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Sat Feb 14 22:21:17 CET 2004

G 'day Straw Balers around the world

I have been an active member of all these lists for several years now 
and I feel that I can wirte to you regading the news from a fellow 
Rotarian from the Rotary Hout Bay Club in Capetown South Africa, I copy 
here Butch Liebenberg's emails to me following my request to his club to 
be the host club in South Africa for Mama Amelia's strawphanage.  I have 
left the information out regaridng Mama Amelia as the immediate needs 
are for help re a fire last week in their local township:

 From Butch Liebenberg President Rotary International Hout Bay :

Butch and Lyn Liebenberg <liebenbergb at icon....za>

" Hi John, Our Club is very active and last week some 750 houses in our 
local township( black people) were burnt in a terrible fire. Something 
like 3000 people are homeless.Our recources are fully stretched at 
present especially on the financial side.  However we are known to rise 
to any challenge within reason.

Your project (mama Amelia's Strawphanage) sounds wonderful ,I am sending 
a copy of this e-mail to our Community Director Matt Mercer,who I am 
sure will reply to you efficiently as he allways does. I hope we can 
help you to make your project a success at Mfuleni ,Cape Town.
Best wishes from us in Rotary Hout Bay(cape town).
Butch Liebenberg
Regarding the fire. Our need is for funding emergency supplies.(baby 
nappies, all kinds of food, baby bottles, baby milk ,school clothes, and 
shoes)We are supplying on there request anything Leslie Mcall asks for, 
within reason.Leslie is an incredible lady who we awarded a Paul Harris 
Fellow to a few years back.She is acting as a disaster co-ordinater on 
the site of the fire. I will ask Matt to send you a picture of the fire 
so your guys can understand the impact of the disaster.
Money is what we really need,anything will help, be it 1000 aus dollars 
or less. Kind regards Butch Liebenberg."

So fellow straw balers can you see who in your network of friends and 
business associates are involved in Rotary, Lions or whatever and see 
what can be done to raise immeditae funds for the items that Butch and 
his team at Hout Bay need.

Regarding rebuilding the750 homes sounds like a job for Builders Without 
Borders but that is out of my league at the moment and all I can do is 
to pass this news onto you all, I know that it is not strawbale related 
but if this had happenned in Sydney or Los Angeles aid would be pouring 
in from around the world by now.  See what you guys can do for these people.

Kind regards The Straw Wolf.
61 2 6927 6027
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