[Strawbale] Re: SB Insulation Value of SB Walls.

huffnpuff huffnpuff at shoal....au
Wed Feb 11 02:27:28 CET 2004

G 'day All

Back at work MLW has just returned from the land of the long white cloud 
HOT as hades at the moment even after a short tropical shower here in 
the Riverina.  I hope Lars has not burnt away in Adelaide.

Anyhow need some help as usual.  We have a 5 star energy rating for our 
local councils to promote and only approve houses with 3.5 stars and 
above for building, big joke when you see the two story monsters going 
up in suburbia at the moment.  We have a client at the moment with an 
unusual design for SB how unusual is that?  He needs some back up for 
thermal propertiesof straw bale walls other than hearsay.  I have the 
work by Joe McCabe:

http://sol.crest.org/efficiency/straw_insulation/straw_insul.html (ta 
muchly RT)

It would be good and prudent to supply them with any other work on 
thermal properties of SB so if any of you have any other work on this 
please send details for all of us.  At the moment the model for the 
National Australian Energy Rating System (NATHERS) uses R1.5 for the 
walls.  Multiply by 5.5 to get the American R rating which I believe is 
different from the UK R rating.

Anyhow let me know if I have my facts correct as all my files on this 
subject were lost in the great disc crash of 2003.

Much appreciate any help from you.

Regards The Straw Wolf

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