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Fri Aug 6 08:05:04 CEST 2004


As a reaction on the glue question....
as far as I know was the only glue for wood in the old days the natural animal
glue, or called hide glue.
It is the hot glue that is warmed ”au bain marie” to prevent the glue from
boiling. (it destroys it).
It is made from different sources, depending on availability and strength.
Usually made from bones, rabbit skin, fish.......
It has to be soaked before and than slowly warmed in a double pot to about 60
Celsius. It can be diluted simply with water.
It is the strongest glue if your joints are well made in wood working. It also
is still superior to modern glues for wood working. It is not visible and
always reversible. Washes off with water. Joints in wood working must be
perfectly made. Gluing itself must go fast because the glue gell's when it
gets cold. Therefore is working in a warm place necessary,
I am happy to give more info for people interested, as it is the only glue I
use in my work.


Michel Van Mulders
Violin maker -restorer.

rikki nitzkin wrote:

> For those of you who were at ISBBC:  Does any one remember that great,
> strong, natural glue someone used to stick two peices of wood together
> (sometime in the last couple of days of the conference, it went around the
> circle)?  What was the recipe?  Do you think it would work to glue ceramic
> tiles on an earth-plastered wall?
> thanks, Rikki
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