[Strawbale]Volunteering in SK, CZ or A

Ján Rendek rendek at hotmail...
Fri Aug 6 09:45:22 CEST 2004


My name is Jan Rendek and I live in Bratislava, Slovakia. I plan to build a 
straw bale building one day, but before I do, I need some hands-on 
experience. I am fluent in Slovak, Czech and English, I sort-of understand 
German. I could accept Hungary as well, but I speak no Hungarian (with 
English spoken, no problem at all).

If you plan to build some in the near future, I hereby volunteer to help you 
with it (subject to my availability).

I would also appreciate an opportunity to see and feel a fuly operational 
straw bale house. I need this also to convince my girlfriend, who is so far 
not quite keen on it (she still sees those staws sticking out everywhere).



MSN Pocasie vam umozni naplanovat si den a tyzden.. 

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