[Strawbale] newspaper insulation and waterproofing

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Wed Jan 29 11:01:13 CET 2003

At 02:16 PM 1/28/03 +0000, Rikki wrote:
>There are some gaps created by carpentry that i want to insulate before 
>covering.  Most of these will be filled with loose straw, but in some 
>areas it would by hard to use straw because it will fall out. I had 
>thought of using wadded up newspaper to fill in these difficult 
>spots.  Any comments on that idea?

Hi Rikki --

Generally SB builders in the US use straw-clay (leichlehm) to fill these 
gaps, as the clay binds the straw together and keeps it from falling 
out.  If clay plasters are used for the finish, it also helps to key these 
into the wall.


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