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Hi Nikki
Tis hard to know exactly what you mean by the gaps, but to stop the straw falling out you can stuff it in then tack hessian or sacking over it before plastering. Also, I don't think you need to be too worried by moisture getting into the straw in your shower. As long as you have a surface that throws the water off well, as adding 1% linseed oil to the lime wash would do, and that the bottom of the bale can never be standing in water, the straw will deal with the moisture itself. You actually have to really try to create a moisture problem for it to start affecting the straw. You are not expecting to have more than one shower, perhaps two per day are you? or do you hold meetings in there?
Best wishes

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  Hi folks,  First, thanks for the replies on waterproofing the bathroom.  I am actually attracted to the idea of the paint from holland of which I should recieve a sample soon.  The linseed oil idea sounds good too, but I understand that is only makes the plaster water-resistent, and I am talking about direct contact with water (in a homemade shower stall), so I need a water-proof solution. . ..  If I go with the tiles I will let you know, Barbara.

  so here´s my new lo-tech question:

  There are some gaps created by carpentry that i want to insulate before covering.  Most of these will be filled with loose straw, but in some areas it would by hard to use straw because it will fall out. I had thought of using wadded up newspaper to fill in these difficult spots.  Any comments on that idea?  I remember someone in the Austria reunion talking about the uses of newspaper, but who?

  thanks, Rikki

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