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Tue Jan 21 17:05:16 CET 2003

Re: [Strawbale] waterproofing the bathroomRegarding measuring the moisture content.
Recently I have bought a "Haymatic Standard" moisture meter. It has a 50cm long spike to stick into the bales. It measures in the range 13% to 50%.
The accuracy is very good. It depends on the density and the temperature.
- The Haymatic is calibrated for hardpressed bales. For looser bales 2% is added on top for adjustment]
- The Haymatic is calibrated for 22 degrees celsius. 1% is subtracted for each 10 degrees higher, and 1% subtracted for each 10 degrees low.

My estimate is, that it will cost around Euro 30,- to send it anywhere throughout Europe, one way. The equipment itself costs app. Euro 350,-

I am willing to lend it out, for one week at a time as long as my shipping fee is refunded.

Yours sincerely
Lars keller

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