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Mon Jan 13 19:15:03 CET 2003

Demand from Serbia, if you reply please send a copy to know there is reply.

Best wishes, Martin

Can anyone help this person?

- Bruce King
(Please reply to him & copy GSBN / to Martin Oehlmann so we know you did)

A long time ago, during my EPA Energy Star days, I was very into strawbale,
and have never forgotten it and the value it can have.  But I've lost my
contacts and need some help.

I am our Serbia (Yugoslavia) country director for the Alliance to Save
Energy (www.ase.org <http://www.ase.org> ), a Washington-based NGO doing
energy efficiency around the world.  I live and work in Serbia doing the
same.  Recently, I've come across a group here that I think would be
interested in a Strawbale training and wall raising/building making project
to help a bunch of communities with economic development and environmental

Do you know of any groups that train people in strawbale, who would be able
to come over to Serbia for 3-4 weeks, probably over the summer, to train
people in 5-6 communities and help them build small strucutres, basically
getting the experience.  We would be able to handle the logistics and
organization and would work with teh communities to make sure they had the
right materials in the right place at the right time for the trainings (to
maximize the training org's time), based on the training org's direction.

Serbia is a relatively poor, but very industrious country.  Energy prices
are only $.04/kWh on average but with the price scaled up based on usage
some people at the top usage levels spend as much as $.19/kWh.  Electric
heating is very prevalent here as a result of the social engineering
practices of the past.  Further, Serbia has some awful environmental
problems and is in desperate need of local jobs and industry.  I believe
strawbale could be extremely beneficial to Serbia, help create some jobs and
protect its environment.

Our national outreach program would virtually guarantee that any training
would gain national press coverage and we'd be asked to do teh same in other
places.  It could be a great opportunity.

I found your name through a Google search on Strawbale.  Like I said my
contacts dried up several years ago after I moved overseas.  I would greatly
appreciate your help pointing me int eh right direction.

Many thanks.

Eric Carlson
Serbia Director
Alliance to Save Energy
ecarlson at ase....yu

Tel:  +381-11-181-569
Fax:  +381-11-626-217
Web:  www.ase.org.yu <http://www.ase.org.yu>

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