[Strawbale] Two questions:

Coralie & Andre de Bouter m.ep at laposte...
Thu Sep 12 22:36:45 CEST 2002


Two questions:

* Can any of you tell me how to use linseed oil to waterproof an earthen
plaster. It's meant for the shower, yes, a SB shower with earthen plaster.
Just a little test building in our garden that we will take down in a few
years so we can see how it holds up.

* Does any of you have any feelings (and info) on Borax as an anti termite
treatment (for wood)? Or are all of you so far up north that these little
critters are no problem for you.

A little positive news from our house...... we are mud plastering our
bedroom..... but wait, that's not all.... Coralie is pregnant and is pushing
hard to have her little nest ready before february.

Hope you are all well,

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